Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kickboxing, sir. The sport of the future!

So, you know what's completely awesome?
Having a friend like Bethany, actually.
You see, we were emailing back and forth about something or other one of these days, and she sent me this:
"Get in a good mood! How hard is it to just decide to get in a good mood, and then BE in a good mood?"
And then, right away, this:
"Uh, that was from Say Anything, in case you don't remember and think I'm just being bossy and sanctimonious."
To my shame, I had to admit that I didn't recognize that line, even though I liked that movie a lot. I told (typed, ha) Bethany: "I should own that movie!"
I decided to order it the next time I needed to add an item to an amazon order to qualify for free shipping.

Fast-forward to today, when the UPS man dropped off a little brown package for me. I racked my brain trying to remember what in the world I had ordered NOW... I couldn't remember ordering anything... hmmm...
I open the package, and in it find the Say Anything DVD. "Wow," I thought. "I really have no recollection of ordering this. Perhaps it's a new amazon feature where deciding to order something actually REALLY orders it for you!"
Then I actually looked at the packing slip that said "Yes, you really SHOULD own this movie! Happy birthday/Merry Christmas/Blessed Tuesday/Whatever. :-) Love, Bethany"
A much more reasonable explanation, and also a lot less freaky. :)
Thanks, Bethany! You're wonderful!


bethany actually said...

Aw, the feeling's mutual! I don't send surprise presents to people I don't like, ya know.

Also, I am really glad I sent the explanation or you would not have been singing my praises quite so high..."Geez, where does Bethany get off, telling me to just get in a good mood!?"


CityStreams said...

Hee hee! Y'all crack me up. One day I'm going to fly out to California with Bri and Hubs and we're all going to go to the beach and then paint pottery. Or maybe the other way around, pottery and then the beach. Deal?

doow said...

Remind me to mention to Bethany that I really should own some gold bars.

ZebraBelly: said...

I recognized the line right away. Probably because I spent roughly two years of my life watching it 24/7. In large part because I planned to marry John Cusack (or Lloyd Dobbler, I'm not picky), but also because that movie IS MY LIFE. Or was. Thank goodness that's over now. LOL

And, if Sarah gets gold bars, I get some, too.

tweetey30 said...

That is funny esp when you get suprise mail..

tshsmom said...

What a great surprise!

I do the same thing with Amazon. My wish list is full of stuff that we can add to an order to qualify for free shipping.

bethany actually said...

Um, I hate to disappoint Sarah & Bonnie, but Amazon does not carry gold bars. Or if they do, they don't qualify for Prime free two-day shipping. That's a deal-breaker for me. Sorry!

sarahgrace said...

Aaaw. That is so sweet!
Now I really want to go watch that movie too...