Wednesday, January 07, 2009

off again, on again

I sort of completely fell off the resolution wagon yesterday. My poor sick baby would. not. sleep. He woke up way too early in the morning (6am, anyone?), and right there, the rest of the day was completely thrown off. Add to that the fact that when The Husband got home just after five, we had to go to the credit union to take care of some refinancing paperwork, and you have a day where I managed to do the absolute necessities. Grrrr.
Anyways. Noah fell asleep in the car on the way home from the credit union and Papa managed to carry him into the house and bed asleep, so I got to eat dinner and do my Bible reading before he woke up and demanded Boob.
And then I went to bed with him at 9pm, because he could only sleep attached to me in one way or another. This was actually a good thing because I actually feel very rested and ready to go this morning.
At any rate - I'm getting right back on that resolution horse (not mixing my metaphors wasn't one of my resolutions, so there!). Better go start while he's still asleep...

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