Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Noah's cold has one decided advantage: I'm forced to go to bed by 9pm every night. Even with the (sort of frequent) waking up, I'm getting more sleep than when he's healthy. Right there, obviously, is the real new year's resolution I've missed: go to bed at 9pm.
I've had a ton of energy today.
I cleaned underneath and behind my oven, I did many dishes (many, many, many). My laundry is actually folded and put away (PUT AWAY!) and the Christmas decorations got boxed up!
I'm celebrating the accomplishment by watching Elf and hand-quilting. Ahhhh.

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bethany actually said...

For the first six months of Annalie's life, I slept when she slept. That was the most well-rested I've ever been in my life. Too bad I didn't keep it up. :-)