Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and then there was poop (everywhere, actually)

Noah has found a new favorite toy. Let me put this delicately. It is... attached to his body. (Got it? We keep it in his diaper, normally... okay, now you got it.) (Do you see where this is going?)

Yesterday morning, when I changed the first diaper of the day, I was still a bit sleepy (read: stupid) and didn't follow my usual pattern of getting a wipe wet & ready first.
I opened the diaper (which was poopy, of course) and ZOOM! his little hand shot to the Special Toy. Which, of course, was poopy. Suddenly wide awake, I grabbed his wrist to prevent further poop-spread, blocked his other hand with my arm, and grabbed for a wipe.
With a happy squeal (he does these happy squeals now... it's completely adorable, unless it somehow involves poop), he kicked his legs and plunged both of his feet into the diaper. By the time I had his hand wiped clean, he had kicked his legs up and spread poop all over his legs.

Why yes, we did take a bath that morning.


bethany actually said...

Once again, motherhood is SO glamorous. :-)

(I am endlessly entertained by these word verfications...this time it's "swatt.")

tweetey30 said...

HI there. He sounds so adorable.. I hope you are having a load of fun with him and his learning.. They want to play with the most awful things sometimes.. LOL..

CityStreams said...

Oy! I can totally relate. My little stinker dropped a poop bomb in the bathtub this evening. There were chunks of it floating in the water. So gross! We do have a lovely job as moms don't we?

tshsmom said...

My friend's son was mortified that she wrote in his baby book about when he discovered "himself".

Elaine said...

Just wait for the forceful ass ejections that can happen when you remove the diaper and you end up with poop all over yourself, the car and your friend.

Not that I'd know anything about that.