Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I confess

Dear Californians,
I apologize. I realize that you had plans you had to like, totally abandon because of the rain, and I'm sorry. You see, I had no idea that having my car washed at an honest-to-goodness car wash with guys who dried my car afterward would cause SO MUCH rain. I solemnly promise never to do that again. Only do-it-yourself coin-operated car washes from now until the end of time, since those tend to only trigger a few sprinkles and, in rare cases, no rain at all.
Again - please forgive me.


doow said...

Such a nuisance you are.

Christina LMT said...

Well, at least you're not getting snow...are you?

bethany actually said...

I enjoyed the rain...and just a few miles east down the 10, at my aunt's house, it was SNOWING all day yesterday! It was mixed with rain so not much was sticking, but towards the end of the day there was about a half-inch on the ground. Annalie and her cousins were so excited, they were running around in the dark throwing snowballs at each other with no mittens and in their light jackets. For about five minutes. :-)