Friday, November 07, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 7: basket case

I'm a fan of registries and wishlists. I can't, however, ever buy just a "thing off the list." You see, I have a deep, twitchy-type anal need to give something unique.
When my friends asked for a french fry cutter (coolest thing ever, btw), I couldn't help but package it with a couple of potatoes. (Bad idea, as it turns out, because they didn't get to their gifts until after the honeymoon and the potatoes were... let's just say "not good" anymore.)
(Though really, who waits until after the honeymoon with the gifts?! Not me.)
Another friend wanted coffe mugs and got some Starbucks vanilla syrup (her favorite) with it. (And had I been a bit more on the ball, I would have added some coffee, too.)
I may very well show up at a babyshower with a baby tub filled with hooded towels, washcloths, squirty rubber duckies and bath bubbles.
Point is, I am a basketcase.
For Christmas, you could fill a basket with a movie rental coupon, some popcorn, a few bottles of cream soda, and some milk duds or junior mints.
For a knitter, fill a basket with yarn, a set of sock needles, and a sock pattern book.
How about a basket of tea stuff (different teas, a tea ball, a pretty mug and saucer), or breakfasty things (pancake mix, some fancy syrup, and heart pancake shapers)?
An "instant family game night"?
All the materials for a kiddie craft project?
I could go on and on. I just love basket-gifts.


doow said...

Man, you're good at this present stuff. I don't suppose you know what I want for my birthday, do you? People keep asking and I haven't a clue.

Noelia said...

I like giving "unique" gifts as well, but my problem is I refuse to give a gift because I "have to". I prefer being spontaneous and give something whenever I feel like it, just because I saw something special that made me think of that person.

I could as well keep the gift until the next birthday/Christmas, but its HARD to keep a surprise!... You see I also very much enjoy explaining the whole story behind the "special" gift, zum Beispiel: "Do you remember when we talked about so and so and you said this and that? Well, I was in this shop, when I saw IT!!! WOAAAAAaaa"... you get the picture! ;-)