Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 4: crafty recycling

Turning graphic tees into semi-homemade gifts for special people:

Gather your supplies. You'll need visually pleasing closet rejects (graphic t-shirts in my case), blank tote bags, heat'n'bond sewable iron-on adhesive, a ruler, a cutter (or scissors), sewing machine, and your trusty iron. See:

Wait for naptime. (This could take a while, esp. if your child is like mine and has an overdeveloped sense for your relative excitement over naptime. Hang in there. He has to sleep sometime!)

When your child is asleep, measure the front of the bag and decide how big a motif you want on it. Measure the t-shirt accordingly. You can either mark your measurements with taylor's chalk and then cut the motif out like so:
...or you can use the cutter for more instant gratification. Of course this way, you won't be able to avoid cutting the back of the shirt as well.
Cut a piece of heat'n'bond that is ever so slightly smaller than the design you just cut out.
Follow the instructions and iron that sucker right on the back of your ex-t-shirt:

While it cools, retrieve your child from his bed, nurse him, and stick him in the bouncy chair. Pray that you will be able to finish this project.
(Me, Mama? Look how cute and innocent I look! I'd never interrupt an important project.)
Peel off the paper.
Carefully position the design on the tote bag. In my case, this involves many a quilt ruler and obsessive double-checking of right angles and so on. I just couldn't live with a (gasp!) lopsided totebag.
Follow the instructions of the heat'n'bond again and iron the design onto the tote bag.
Sew around the edges of the design.
And... enjoy the fruits of you labor! Or rather, enjoy giving the fruits of your labor away!
You could fill one with picture books for a budding reader.
You could give a crafter a pattern & all materials for a crochet or knitting project.

Or you could take your octopus bag to the pool next summer.


Jamie said...

COOL IDEA! Now where'd you come up with this one Mrs. Crafty McCrafterson? Noah looks very cute btw.

gracie said...

I WANT YOUR SKILLZ! How do you come up with this stuff? More importantly, how do you thread a sewing machine!?

Lauren S. said...


SILVIA said...

Beautiful idea!
Thanks from Italy!


Noelia said...

My T-shirts are too boring! Your are too cool! ;-)

Jane said...

Adorable! The bags AND the baby! What a cutie!