Saturday, November 22, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 22: Thanksgiving and pie

We had our early family Thanksgiving today. At Carrows.
With sticky tables and chairs, no curtains, and laminated menus.
It was a whole lot better than I'd anticipated. I especially enjoyed the fact that the end of the meal provided a great "leaving early" moment for us. When everyone else went back to Grandma's for pie, we hit the road which gave Noah a chance to nap when he got tired, rather than riling him up like we did last weekend. (Crowd control is a bit of an issue at (The Husband's) Grandma's house, so with the other kids playing (even in the unlikely event that they had played quietly), there would have been a snowball's chance in hell for a nap.)
Tomorrow, it'll be on to our church's Thanksgiving potluck. To which I am supposed to bring an apple pie, for which I neglected to buy apples last time I went to the store. We stopped at the store on the way home and after a moment's hesitation, I bought an apple pie and gave myself the gift of at least an extra hour's sleep.
(Is it just me or is this NaBloPoMo thing really bring out the worst in people? I can't proofread my own posts because they are so boring. Sorry!)


Christina LMT said...

Why boring? It's always interesting to me to see what other people are up to (in a NON-stalkerish way, of course)!

Sonja said...

Yeah... I just wish it was a little more exciting than lunch at Carrow's! :)

doow said...

As a fellow NaBloPoMo-er I know what you mean about the dull, but Christina's right; it's just nice to know what friends are doing - especially when our lives can be so different.
And also, good for you for buying yourself the extra sleep :)