Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Holistic Moms and Vaccinations

So far, Noah hasn't had any vaccinations. We initially told his doctor that we'd start when he is 6 months old. That's coming up (gah!), and I'm really not sure I actually want to go ahead with the shots. My thought is to wait until he's two.
One of my hangups here is the list of ingredients (check out this pdf from the centers for disease control and prevention: pdf).
I'm concerned about toxins and carinogens (like Aluminum and Formaldehyde) as well as the cells from aborted human fetuses. Abortion is murder, and I don't want to indirectly profit from it - I don't want any part of it. It turns my stomach just thinking about it! In addition to that, the way some of the ingredients are derived from animals is completely sickening.
The argument that the amounts of toxins in each shot are minuscule is void when I consider that 1. that's a very small person we're vaccinating here and 2. we're giving him 6 shots at a time - those toxins add up!
I also believe that there is something logically wrong with the push to vaccinate small children against diseases that are relatively harmless for them while they are young (like chicken pox). This way, we deprive our kids of a chance to go through the disease and acquire life-long immunity. Instead, we give them artificialy immunity that only works for a limited amount of time, putting them at risk of contracting the disease when they are older and their protection has worn off. I had the chicken pox when I was 5. I remember being itchy. The Husband had the chicken pox when he was 21. He remembers having a fever of 105 and bathing in ice water, thinking he would probably die.

The tricky thing about this decision is that there is so much (mis-)information out there. Some argue that the diseases we vaccinate against are very dangerous and deadly. Others argue that the vaccinations cause diabetes, multiple sklerosis, and other auto-immune diseases. It starts to appear that you have to choose whether you'd like your child to die from a disease or from a vaccination.

Tonight, we strapped Noah into the Moby (have I mentioned I *heart* the Moby?), and went to a meeting of our local Holistic Moms Network chapter meeting to watch excerpts of Dr. Jay Gordon's vaccine DVD & discuss it. It was very interesting.
I learned that the chicken pox vaccine was developed specifically for children on chemotherapy, for whom the disease is much more dangerous than for their healthy counterparts. Then the vaccine maker consistently put pressure on the American Academy of Pediatrics to put the vaccine on the mainstream schedule to make more money. They eventually gave in, and here we are.
The most important thing I learned, however, was that - according to Dr. Jay - a child will be okay with vaccines or without them.
The plan now is to read the Dr. Sears book again, this time chapter by chapter with The Husband, and to decide which vaccines to give and which ones to skip.
Without yelling at me in the comments - what did you do? Nothing? Everything? Delayed? Selevtive?


bethany actually said...

Annalie got all her vaccinations on schedule. I think vaccinations, on the whole, have saved and improved many many more lives than they've harmed.

That said, I totally understand and support individual parents' rights to choose when and how to vaccinate their children. And since one of Troy's sisters has a son who has autism, we will probably be much more cautious about vaccinating any future children, especially boys. I know I will read a lot more and educate myself with the next child. Even if I choose to vaccinate on the same schedule I did with Annalie, I won't be doing it in ignorance.

Also, I didn't know there were cells from aborted human fetuses in some vaccinations! I don't want to support abortion in any form either, so I definitely need to learn more about that!

Anonymous said...

ich habe deinen bog durch bethany gefunden und da du deutsche bist, dachte ich mir, dass ich mal in der "muttersprache" schreibe.

wir haben auch nicht gegen alles geimpft (in deutschland gibt es momentan eine 7fach impfung), sondern gegen "die fiesen" krankheiten, sprich tetanus, polio und diphterie. also jene krankheiten, bei denen eine weitere verkomlpizierung tatsächlich wahrscheinlich ist bzw. auch todesfälle zählbar sind.
angefangen haben wir mit 6/7 monaten, bei unserer zweiten tochter warten wir bis sie 9 monate alt ist.
vor allem bei tetanus wollten wir vor dem sommer und dem krabbel bzw. laufalter geimpft haben, wegen all der verletzungsgefahren, die dieses alter unweigerlich mit sich bringen.

empfehlen kann ich als lektüre die "kindersprechstunde" (vielleicht kannst du sie aus deutschland bekommen?).

letztlich ist es aber wie bei allem: die entscheidung liegt bei den eltern selbst.

viele grüße

p.s.: hab' auch einen blog, aber privat....wenn du eine einladung möchtest, einfach schreiben an:

tshsmom said...

Z got rubella when he was a baby and too young to have the shot, so we chose not to have MMR. He also got chicken pox when he was 6, before the shot was available. The only advantage I can see for a chicken pox vaccination is you would eliminate the threat of shingles.

With today's high speed travel, I worry about diseases spreading from 3rd world nations, so we vaccinated.

JennyLynn said...

After reading the Dr Sears vaccine book with Bill, we decided to do a selective and delayed schedule. I was leaning towards doing none, but he wasn't comfortable with that, so we met in the middle. No vax for an STD, no chicken pox, no flu, no MMR. It was a really hard decision, everyone has a different opinion and experience. The Sears book helped us a ton, it seemed to be less biased than a few others I had read. Most of his reason for doing the vax made sense to me.

ZebraBelly: said...

neither of my kids are vaccinated. For pretty much the reasons you stated - the diseases we vaccinate for here in the US are either not dangerous (chicken pox) or not a risk at this place and time (polio). Their doc is also against vaccines and he once said the only one he'd do might be tetanus (I can always remember to spell that because it has "anus in it. just in case you were wondering). We have not, at this point, done that one, either. Mainly because, if exposed to tetanus, you can get a shot after the fact. I'm happy to chat more if you ever want. :)

ZebraBelly: said...

Oh, to comment on something in this thread - the CP vax will NOT necessarily protect you from shingles. In fact, shingles can be a side-effect of the vaccine. Fun times.

Christina LMT said...

I have to say I disagree with you on this one. I cringe when I hear about parents not vaccinating their kids. And the reason why most diseases that we vaccinate against are not a risk here in the States is because the vaccines were invented in the first place. I agree with tshsmom, people travel all over the world, and you never know what the person sitting next to you might have been exposed to. Better safe than sorry.

Noelia said...

People get vaccinated against chicken pox???

I find this as ridiculous as flu shots (would you rather have the flu one in the winter 'naturally' or because you got the shot?)???!!!