Friday, November 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 14: size DOES matter

A few weeks ago, I made a batch of pumpkin muffins. I remember thinking that it was sort of a big batch (I used all of my muffin pans - 2 regular-sized ones and 1 mini-muffin tin), but I took some to playgroup and ate some (many, actually) for breakfast and lunch that day, so those muffins were gone faster than you can break a gingerbreadman's legs.
I volunteered to bring snacks to our Bible study tonight and to a party tomorrow, so I figured I'd make those muffins again. But because the recipe requires use of very nearly every single dish in my kitchen (food processor, separate mixing bowls for wet and dry ingredients...), I figured I'd just double the recipe to make the mess worth it and to have something to bring for our family Thanksgiving.
(Can you hear the ominous music in the background?)
I ended up having to mix the batter in my huge pasta pot because my mixing bowls were just too small. Which meant I had to scrub the pot from last night's potato soup bonanza, in which I quadrupled (!) the recipe because I didn't want to have 3/4 of a celery root left over. (I'm a serial overdoer.)
My freezer, needless to say, is overflowing. Two containers of potato soup and two bags of muffins for Thanksgiving.

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