Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 13: not a gift, just a post

I'm suspending the gift guide for today (at least). I have some great ideas (really!), but they require more time than I've had lately. I've been productive though: I made a really good pumpkin cheesecake and am nearly caught up on all my laundry (this, let me assure you, is HUGE!)
Pictures are always good to distract from a lack in content...
Noah is four months old.

I got a Moby, which is all kinds of awesome. It's not half as complicated as it looks, and I wish I'd had it from the very beginning.

Also, have I mentioned that my child has turned into a little man? He's 25.5 inches long, which means that we have only half an inch left for "legal" use of our infant car seat!


Lucy Jane said...

he really is too cute. So, all the people in the world couldn't tell you or explain enough, JUST how fast they grow. My little man is 5!!!! FIVE!!! and yes... even from afar, your guy is growing up pretty fast it seems... take care.

tshsmom said...

Those pictures of Noah ARE a gift! ;)