Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 11: packages tied up with strings

Wrapping some birthday gifts today got me thinking about gift wrap in general. While there's no shortage of wrapping stuff at my house (as a matter of fact, an avalanche of bags almost buried me alive this afternoon), I'd love to make my own gift wrap.
This is an idea that's mentally filed under "one of these days...":
Use plain paper (like IKEA's big rolls), and use stamps (you could even make your own from potatoes), stickers, finger paint, GLITTER GLUE (which my years in teaching have taught me is the one item that will make any craft project Da Bomb for kids), or crayons (all depending on your developmental level, eh!) to decorate. If you include the recipients' names, you won't need a gift tag!

(I think I really need to start trying to think of ideas before I sit down to write my post AND to actually write my post before it gets dark outside. Still not getting all that much sleep...)

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