Monday, November 10, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day 10: knitty

I couldn't blog today because I was knitting. Two years ago, I knit a baby hat for my friend. When it was finished, I put it in a drawer and promptly forgot about it.
Tonight, I remembered that little hat and got it out for Noah. Except that... it was sort of... HUGE.
I did what I did with many of my knitting projects... I unraveled it and am now in the process of re-knitting a much smaller version.
The point is, a knitted (or crocheted)(is that how you spell crocheted? Looks weird) gift would be fun to whip up while watching a movie and a great thoughtful gift to receive. Beauty.


doow said...

I've just put down my knitting needles for a moment to say that yes, that is how you spell it.

tweetey30 said...

Yes that is how you spell crocheted. and I am crocheting four scarves for a manager where I work and then going to make a coworker a sweater with whats left I think.. She is having a girl next month..