Saturday, November 01, 2008

All hail the mighty NaBloPoMo! Day 1: cameras don't have legs

I've decided to give National Blog Posting Month another go, even though today's level of tiredness has me thinking I'll possibly burn out in about 7 seconds.*
And because everything is better with a theme (sure that must be true, right?!), I'll be sharing Christmas gift ideas. Some things will be bought, others homemade, but every suggestion will be something I'd be happy to find under my tree. (I just realized that this will be the ultimate cheat sheet for The Husband...)

First up: The Gorillapod!
If you've ever balanced your camera on a tree stump, a fence, or a bunch of stools & books, you might just need a gorillapod. Bonus: super-portable.

*Note to self: Do not stay up until midnight when you have a baby that will happily wake up at 4am to nurse and then be permanently awake starting at 7am, for it might just make you wish you had never been born.

1 comment:

bethany actually said...

What? I've never done such a silly thing. Wait...yes I have.

I have coveted a Gorillapod for a while now. What a great NaBloPoMo theme idea!