Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The interrupted sleep I've been getting is making for some interesting dreams. To wit:
Sunday morning, I dreamed that I met both presidential candidates at a country harvest festival. My goal was to get Obama to sign a quilt someone had made. Right as he took the pen and the quilt from me, I woke up...
Monday morning, I dreamed I was hanging out at a pool with my friend and her three sons (except that in real life, this friend has two daughters). Noah fell through (?!!) his little water toy dealio, so I went to retrieve him from the pool. Turns out he had turned into a rather small, but also very cute, snake. I was completely unconcerned, though a bit puzzled because he had no limbs. When my friend asked me where his arms and legs were, he promptly sprouted some, consequently looking a bit like the Geico gecko.
I couldn't make this stuff up. Or did I?!


tweetey30 said...

For starters Sonja isnt nuts but just sleep deprived. These dreams will pass as he gets older and sleeps longer..

Christina LMT said...

Don't worry. Just enjoy the bizarreness of the dreams! Hey, if you're dreaming, it means you're sleeping, and that's always desirable!