Thursday, October 02, 2008


I've just spent the last hour (and then some) writing and erasing. As it turns out, I'm completely unable to string words together in an alluring, non-boring fashion tonight, so I'll just get the facts out of the way with bullets. Perhaps my ability to write will return in the morning. Let's hope.
  • I walked to the Doctor's office. It's a 25-minute walk, and I give myself major green mama points for actually walking. My car looked very inviting right as I left the house, lemme tell ya.
  • There was no vaccine discussion. The Dr. didn't even flinch when I told her I wanted to delay Noah's shots until he's at least 6 months old (and perhaps until he's 2). It was a bit anticlimactic not to get to have the heated discussion I had mentally prepared for, but in the end, I like it much better this way.
  • Bethany came to visit! She and Annalie graciously overlooked the mess in my house and we hung out and talked and played with Noah's toys while we waited for him to wake up. Then we headed to the park to do more eating (Noah), playing (Annalie), and sitting in the shade talking (guess who!). It was a really low-key, fun, relaxed visit. And over much too soon!
  • I bought jeans today! I'm so excited... Buttons! Zippers! No more elastic belly panels! GROWN-UP PANTS!!!


bethany actually said...

It was a really fun, relaxed visit, and it was over much to soon. But it was exactly the break we needed from the family drama, so thank you! And seriously...WHAT mess? :-)

tweetey30 said...

Glad you got out and I remember those do I take the bus today or walk thoughts when Kora was a baby even in the middle of the winter. I would bundle her up and we would go for miles really.

gracie said...

Grown-up pants? I just had flashbacks of us longingly skimming the maternity section at H&M in New York City. How life has changed since then. We've both been-there-done-that. [sigh of relief]

tshsmom said...

Anybody with children doesn't expect a spotless house! Kids quickly acquire a huge amount of stuff that we don't have room for. This will only get worse when Noah starts walking, as he'll be able to strew his stuff farther.

Jamie said...

welcome to mommy-brain. it's all downhill from here :P

Lauren S. said...

congrats on the pants with buttons! YIPEE! And one day, you'll even be able to buy a dress that doesn't have direct and easy access to your boobs. and then you'll get pregnant again. :)