Tuesday, August 26, 2008

man of the cloth

Cloth diapering is going well. Here, Noah is modeling his size 0 Kissaluvs fitted diapers for you. He likes their trim fit (though he prefers it around his little caboose) and their mind-altering powers.
(Crap, I am so sleep-deprived.)
(Also: Just realized that a certain someone who has been making fun of my devotion to toting my camera around at all times MAY have a point...)


Elaine said...

Oh yeah, Kissaluvs make awesome hats. We enjoyed their talents as well. As Anya grew, we fell for AIO's hard. Ah Bumkins... how I loved thee.

tshsmom said...

FITTED cloth diapers? Wow! That just takes all the fun out of cloth diapers when you don't have to fold them. ;)

tweetey30 said...

He is so adorable. I didnt use cloth diapers but for those of you who do that is a good choice.

bethany actually said...

To whomever has been making fun of you for toting your camera around everywhere, I say: Pshaw! Moments like this are EXACTLY why you need to have it with you at all times. ;-)

Jen said...

Yay for cloth!!! We just started around 6 weeks ago. Pia's 15 months old.

He's a cutie pie! I'd be taking too many pics too!