Friday, August 29, 2008

a boy and his mama

[insert long boring whiny post about a child who refuses to sleep here]
(Because my child has suddenly decided that he needs no sleep nor does his mama. *weep*)
Instead, let's talk about Stupid Things I've Done Lately, as those are usually much more entertaining (at least to you).
A few days ago, I was driving home from the grocery store and stopped at a stop sign. And waited. And waited. And until a bike rider gave me a weird look, I didn't realize that this was a stop sign as opposed to a stop light, so waiting for it to turn green made no sense whatsoever.
Yesterday, after a spectacularly unsuccessful attempt at introducing a regular naptime, I decided to head to Target (SIDEBAR: I have a friend who doesn't like Target. Which is so weird because she is otherwise pretty normal! Hi Jamie! :) ). I wanted to buy a heavy curtain for Noah's room to make it as dark as possible for napping. There were some other things on my Target list as well, and because I am a bit of a type-A list-making personality, I added "curtains" to the list and magneted it back up onto the fridge so I could re-stock my diaper bag, change the baby, drink some water, and do all the millions of other things suddenly required before leaving the house.
As I walked into Target with a tired and slightly cranky Noah strapped to my chest in the sling (and happily drooling onto my chest), I realized that my Target list was safe on the fridge door. I knew I needed shoe laces. And... shoe laces. Hmmm. Shoe laces and... oh, right. Baskets for the changing table. But what was that other thing I needed? Hmmm. For the baby... what was it... Hmm. I couldn't for the life of myself remember what else I needed, and since they had no baskets that were the right size, I ended up walking out after about 45 minutes with nothing but shoelaces.
(Have you seen Anger Management? No? You should. There's a scene where Adam Sandler gets really angry but is trying to stay in control and he yells GREAT! with his teeth clenched... That about covers how I felt.)
More of these stories are sure to come, especially if Noah's successes with mission: sleep avoidance continue.


beth said...

Awwww, you both look so happy despite the sleep deprivation. :-)

Is it just me, or does Noah look like his daddy?

bethany actually said...

Uh...not sure what happened there, but that last comment was from me.

Just a Girl said...

Babies are that cute for a reason; how can you do anything bad to someone with a face like that? :)

ZebraBelly: said...

At least you didn't treat a red light like a stop sign. I mean, not that I've ever done that. This week. But you know. Just be glad you didn't do something THAT stupid.

And, I agree. That is one cute kid.

Christina LMT said...

Both of those things? I've done them. So you're in good company! ;)

And Noah is teh cuteness!

doow said...

I love how Noah's all, "What? I'm too cute, none of this can possibly be my fault."

gracie said...

I love this pic of baby and mama!

tshsmom said...

I've done the opposite at a stop light. I stopped, looked both ways, and continued on my merry way...without waiting for the light to change to green. I realized what I'd done a block down the street.

Noah just gets more beautiful every day!

Jamie said...

You went to...Target?! ((((SHUDDER)))

Did you at least pick me up some Folex? :P

I love that pic of the special fella!

Jen said...

Man, sleep problems blow! Been there, totally.

I puffy heart Target. With glitter and stars.

And, I'm perpetually making lists and leaving them. It's a talent of mine.