Monday, August 04, 2008

Bethany & Sonja

Bethany & Sonja, originally uploaded by bethany actually.

Look what I've done gone and did do! I added Bethany and Annalie to the "people I've nursed in front of" list!
They were nice enough to drive for an hour just to meet us (well... I had also promised some really good hamburgers for lunch). Despite being a bit sleep-deprived (UNDERSTATEMENT!) and a little preoccupied with my wailing child (who at least did not cry the whole time, phew), we had a really good time sitting in the shade, talking, watching Annalie play, and trying to make the crying stop (let it be known that Bethany calmed Noah down when I ran out of ideas, AND she let me play with her shiny, beautiful, fancy, delicious camera while she babywhisperer-ed. I like her a lot).
And because nothing in my life ever goes off without a hitch:
I had talked up this great local burger place, Mr. Bill's and we decided to have lunch there. We ended up driving both our cars, with me leading and Bethany following. I gave her directions just in case we'd get separated - very basic directions (which I had every intention of following myself). Enter The Husband, who, once we were in the car and driving through the crowded downtown, suggested "making this right and driving up from behind." So I did. And subsequently found myself turning left a block too early and cutting through a narrow parking lot AND an alley to drive up to the burger place I'd talked about, which wasn't called Mr. Bill's at all - it's Mr. Pete's.
I should totally get a shirt that says "Don't hassle me, I'm local." Thankfully, Bethany has an intact sense of humor, even after a bit of a wild goose chase to a mystery location, but I'm pretty sure that this was the last time she'll accept directions from me to any restaurants. I'll just blame the sleep-deprivation...
(But may I just confess... I recommended Mr. Bill's to another acquaintance of mine. I hope she doesn't attempt to find it OR figures out from my excellent directions that I was talking about Mr. Pete's. Scratch that. Let's hope she'll still talk to me in church after this!)


bethany actually said...

I thought you were remarkably calm for the mom of a cranky 1-month-old, and I didn't think it was weird that you took me on a turny twisty route to Mr. Pete's since I knew you guys were locals. And hey, whatever the place was called, they DID have tasty burgers. We had a lovely time and hope to do it again sometime! And as you will soon find, once you have been a nursing mom for months or years, you will never blink again when someone whips it out in front of you to feed a hungry babe. :-)

ZebraBelly: said...

OMG that is SO something I would have done re: the directions to the restaurant. I love you.

tweetey30 said...

Sounds like fun. That is something I would do too to be honest with you. I forget what places are called here and such and not always thinking of where things are.

Elaine said...

ZebraBelly and I are coming up next. Right? She has a minivan and between the two of us we can fill it. Then you can really increase your "nursed in front of" quota. And we're both hippies when it comes to nursing, so hey, we'll be all like "YAY BOOBIES!"

Wait, maybe we should shut it.