Sunday, July 27, 2008

why hardwood floors are your friend

pooped, originally uploaded by girlwithgreencard and fabric!.

Dear Internets,
I had a big day today. First, Mama and Papa were ready to leave the house to go to grandma's almost on time, so I intervened and threw up BIG TIME all over the floor and the stupid yellow thing they had made me wear. I missed Papa's shirt, but I'll try harder next time (do you know - he wore my spit-up caked onto his sandals for a whole day before he noticed it - hehehe). Then, I made a big to-do at grandma's with crying and fussing, so Mama would feed me and I could poop.
When Mama was changing me, I took the opportunity to pee. I started with a tiny little drip to make her think I'd only pee a little, then I let go for real and peed all over grandma's living room floor. And would you believe it? Mama laughed.
So I spat up when her head was turned and got it to dribble into my ear and all over my hair. Score!
We went home right after, which foiled my plans for grandma's blouse. I also didn't get to eat enough to make a point about what I think of the car seat, but that's okay. I was exhausted. I'll get my chance eventually.
How was your day?


bethany actually said...

I'm sorry, Noah. I was so distracted by the utterly adorable photo of you sleeping that I didn't catch one single word of the post. Keep up the cuteness! ;-)

ZebraBelly: said...

Yes, but has he peed on his own head, yet? I knew of crazy boy pee stories, but was entirely unprepared for that one.

Elaine said...

Busy day! No wonder you're all crashed out. And hey, I once heard a story about a kid peeing in his own mouth, so you have some work to do with your aim.

Just a Girl said...

I was expecting a pic of the floor spew!

You are much cuter Noah.

tweetey30 said...

He is adorable. I have had all those happen to me but not of my own girls though... LOL.. Yes keep up the cuteness.

tshsmom said...

Yup, my son peed in his own mouth..and over his shoulder onto his sister's schoolbooks. The first time he went to Grandma's he pooped on Grandma's kitchen tablecloth.
Keep trying little man, you'll get there. ;)

The bad news is that Mama and Grandma will repeat these stories when you're a teenager. It's called Mama's Revenge.

Matt W. said...

We have a pee story to top even the mouth, I think. My little nephew peed on his face and a puddle of pee gathered in his eye socket and he was trying to see through it! OUCH!

I like that Noah calls DR "papa." That's what I have Brendan call me! :)