Friday, July 18, 2008

Noah goes Ikea

Noah goes IKEA
We introduced baby to his future favorite store today. While he preferred to skip the Swedish meatballs this time, he did nurse on a sofa in the warehouse. He's also looking forward to being tall enough to play in the ball pit:
a little too small to play at IKEA
Good times.


Irina said...

Ihr zwei seid ja echt so süß!!! Schöne Grüße an Noahs Papa!

tshsmom said...

He'll be in that ball pit before you know it. :(

Inka said...

Fehlen ja nur noch so 2-3 inch :o)

lera said...

I can't believe he's here. I've been checking your other blog!!!

Congratulations! Glad to hear all is well and he is eating and growing. Welcome to motherhood.

tweetey30 said...

Tshsmom is so right. He will be walking and running before you know what hit you thoroughly..