Friday, June 27, 2008

not in labor, but thanks for asking

People, I am sorry. I just now realized that I haven't actually posted anything here in the last week, and you're probably all thinking that I've been too busy birthing etc.
This, however, is not the case... Junebug continues to be a womb dweller. He likes it in there and is going to stay inside for as long as ever he wants to.
One of my goals for this pregnancy and birth was/is to do it as naturally as possible, and to trust my body (and its maker). Depending on which due date you believe in, I'm 10 or 4 days past 40 weeks at this point. Junebug's movement and heart rate is fine, and I promise that if he's still in there next week, I'll go have my amniotic fluid levels checked and do a biophysical profile non-stress-test whatever thing (because the other goal is a healthy baby rather than an overcooked roast). Even though the temptation is there (and society at large certainly frowns upon a late baby, what with people inducing labor at 36 weeks for various idiotic reasons), I have decided that going for a walk every day and taking Evening Primrose Oil are the ONLY things I'm going to do in the way of "eviction." Baby will come when baby is ready.
For now, I am nesty (going to IKEA right now), crampy, and mucusy (admit it, you wanted to know about the mucus!), which definitely is a step in the right direction.
And so we wait...


tshsmom said...

Sorry, but this post disappointed me terribly. I thought your next post would be baby pictures.
Yes, mucous is a GOOD sign. SME was 2 1/2 weeks late, so I know how it feels, and she's continued to be late ever since. Just try not to murder the next person who says "Haven't you had that baby YET?"

ZebraBelly: said...

Oooh the mucous means you are dilating. :) Might not mean baby is imminent, but your body is working perfectly. And it is. You are awesome and your baby is doing just what he's supposed to be doing. :) Red Raspberry Leaf Tea tones the uterus and tastes delicious so if you wanted to add that to your "regimen" I don't think it counts as baby-eviction so much as uterus-training.

Hugs, lady. I am sending you all the patience and your boy all the get-out-already vibes I have!

And I just remembered there was some doctor who believed that pregnancy was 42 weeks instead of 40 anyway. I forgot the details on that one, but may make you feel more normal.

Noelia said...

OF COURSE, this is normal, and OF COURSE the baby wants to stay in there! hee hee :-)

Elaine said...

Hey, I went into labor with Lily at Ikea. Go hang out there!

And yeah, it'll happen when it happens. But I fully expect your on your way to meet your little dude any time.

And you live in SoCal, you will be expected to call him "dude" now and again. Sorry about that.