Friday, June 06, 2008

Girl with a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My sewing machine broke today. In a big enough way to make it an expensive repair. And it'll take TEN DAYS. I'm a little more heartbroken over this than I expected. I've actually been sort of listless because of it, walking around the house with a vacant stare, muttering. Not a good thing.

I went to the movies to cheer myself up. BAD PLAN. First of all, do not see Made of Honor. I had pretty low expectations, and sadly, they were met. Patrick Dempsey is not as hot as they were trying to sell him in this movie, and ... anyways. Don't.
Secondly, I sort of yelled at a woman in the restroom. Her phone rang, and she thought nothing of it to pick it up and have a conversation with someone. WHILE I PEED. (Some of you might think this sounds familiar. Yup.) I don't take the phone into the bathroom at my house (unless I'm talking to my mom or sister). If you feel comfortable doing that, fine. Go ahead, I don't care (just please don't do it if I call). But in PUBLIC? That's no longer about YOUR privacy, that's about MINE. And I like my privacy PRIVATE. Cell-phone-less. And a discussion about where the closest Hot Topic is located is in no way an emergency that would warrant letting someone else hear me pee.
Now you'd think telling her off (and I did, believe me... not pretty) would have given me some level of satisfaction, right?
Sadly, Tom Hanks is right. Someone upsets you and instead of smiling and walking away... you zing them. But when you eventually have the pleasure of saying the thing you want to say at the moment you want to say it... remorse inevitably follows. I felt terrible. Yes, she was rude, but I wish I hadn't been rude. *sigh*

And to top it off, I watched the last episode of The Office (my most recent addiction) on Netflix online, and the next season isn't even scheduled for DVD release yet.

I think I'm going to bed.


Just a Girl said...

People with cells do the stupidest things.

Will the machine place give you a loaner? Can you play up the bump and use doe eyes on them?

tshsmom said...

I live in fear that my 32-yr-old sewing machine will die on me! I don't want a new machine. I'm used to this one, and it does just what I want it to do. We're old pals! ;)