Friday, June 20, 2008

due date + 1

Things I have found out:
- Junebug doesn't care about deadlines.
- Going through the last 5 weeks assuming baby would come early was a dumb idea.
- The words "July baby" make me very, very angry.
31 weeks - 39 weeks
31 weeks - 39 weeks


little_fox said...

Hihi... imposantes Kerlchen, dein JUNI-Kind (wird's bestimmt noch... er will doch seine Mama nicht gleich zu Beginn ärgern?)

Just a Girl said...

They really should give due weeks instead of days. I only know one person who had their bub on the actual due date.

The bug will be here very soon.

Elaine said...

Did you forget to swallow a calendar for him? Seriously Sonja, do we have to remind you to do everything? ;)

Baby comes when baby is ready. That said, "GET OUT JUNE BUG!"

tshsmom said...

Junebug is proving to be a stubborn little cuss, isn't he? On the bright side, my mother always said that stubborness is a sign of intelligence. So Junebug is obviously a genius! ;)

Liz said...

You won't have to wait til July. That guy will be here any minute. In other news, I'm at 29 weeks, and so uncomfortable...the prospect of the 39 week belly is scaring me!

Christina LMT said...


Well, you certainly look ready to pop!

Hey, you have nine more days before you have to worry about a July baby, so relax...:)

Good luck, Sonja

Noelia said...

... And me coming around here thinking "hey, the baby should be here by now!". Hee hee

katze said...

You're almost there! He'll be here before you know it.

tweetey30 said...

I will agree with everyone else. He will be here sooner than you know it and then you will forget he was late. Good luck and I am thinking of you with this time at hand. Hope everything goes as planned..