Saturday, June 14, 2008

car seats and feet

I'm learning... I spent over an hour googling stuff and poking around on the Graco website until I finally figured out that the used car seat we got from (very trusted) friends was, in fact, not around 2 years old (which I had assumed because their baby is 18 months old), but was instead manufactured in 2002. This officially makes it too old to use, which is not even such a big deal (since I also have another used infant car seat from another very trusted friend), but spending all that time on this? Almost pushed me over the edge. Which I remedied by giving myself something to eat and then laying down for a nap.
I'm really just a very tall toddler (actually, not that tall...)!

In completely unrelated news: Seven Days is back! Here's my contribution for today:
seven days: day one: still pregnant, esp. in my feet
click on the picture to read my comments!

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