Thursday, May 15, 2008


I keep trying to write something entertaining that is NOT about being pregnant, but you know what? The only thing I do that is unrelated to being pregnant is absolutely nothing.
And so:
  • I dropped. Or rather, Junebug dropped. I woke up this morning with my belly way lower than what it had been when I went to bed. Which is nice because today, I didn't have to pause to catch my breath while reading to my kids at school.
  • I am exhausted. Basically, I take a nap, feel refreshed for about 15 minutes, then lay down on the couch to rest. That's why I'm so excited about May 23rd:
  • My first day of maternity leave is on May 23rd. Wheeee! I had been planning to work until the end of the school year (last day of school is one week before my due date), but it's immensely stressful. And I'm tired. Very, very tired. Also, I have diapers to wash and quilts to make and empty walls to decorate. You get the picture.
  • My shirts are getting so tight that the highlight of my day is the moment I walk into my house after work and drop my clothes. Breathing... you miss it when you can't do it!
  • Target has a bunch of really good movies for $5 at the moment. Sadly, they do not have maternity tops that don't look like potato sacks. Shopping for clothes has been one of the most frustrating parts of being pregnant.
  • My newest online addiction: Mothering Magazine. Love it.


Just a Girl said...

Has Old Navy not been good for tops?

Have you seen this site?

You only get your first time pregnant once, blab all you want.

gracie said...

I HATE maternity clothes! Someone figured out a way to make prego-women feel EVEN CRAPPIER!!

tweetey30 said...

Yes I agree blab all you want. I remember hubby asking me if there was something else we could talk about when i was pregnant with our oldest once.. He wasnt being mean just wanted a different conversation besides baby.. LOL., but blab away. enjoy hearing about it.

Isabel said...

It's hard to talk about anything else when you're pregnant. Good thing this is YOUR talk away!! :-)