Monday, May 12, 2008


I might live in one of the most densely populated areas of the country, but on my 20 minute (or so) drive to work, I pass the following (in front or side yards or in empty lots):
1. a sheep, which is most likely being kept against city regulations
2. horses on a pasture
3. more horses, also on a pasture
4. two chickens in an empty lot
5. three big dogs in a front yard

Once, I took an alternate route home and happened upon a cow in a side yard.
Also, signs crop up in driveways that announce the availability of goats for sale, in both English and Spanish ("Se venden chivos", in case you were wondering).

I never grew out of the phase of my life in which I got excited and yelled "LOOK, HORSES!!!" on car rides, so this is a rather pleasing aspect of my work life to me.


tweetey30 said...

sounds wonderful. we live in town so none of that for us. but you just never know. some day i might be able to live a little ways out.

katze said...

The route from my office to the gym is like that. You're in a huge complex of office buildings, all glass and steel and concrete, then you're going down a windy two lane rows with cows and not one, but two horse farms, and suddenly you're at the mall. All within 15 miles of the city center.