Saturday, May 17, 2008

cage match: Belly vs. Gap Maternity

I own one T-Shirt and one tank top that cover my bra straps and my belly at the same time AND allow me to breathe. In a 5-day workweek, this either means 5 loads of laundry or 2 loads and wearing dresses 3 days.
Target has been most useless in this matter, so I braved the crazy heat and the crazy shoppers this weekend and made my way to the Gap (scowling at Motherhood on the way over, because YUCK!).
I tried on only 13 tops to find 1 that fit (which I'm counting as success, just in case you were wondering). I also picked up two more tanks (and a tiny little green-striped onesie FOR I CANNOT HELP MYSELF WHEN THE TAG SAYS $1.97).
I more than doubled my wardrobe for less than 40 dollars. Pretty good, eh?!


Christina LMT said...

Look at you! You're gorgeous...even in horizontal stripes! ;)

Pumpkin Pie said...

I think you look so cute!!!

Finally, some clothes that are attractive on pregnant women.

I hated all of my clothes during all four of my pregnancies. So, I can relate to your frustrations.

Matt W. said...

I absolutely HATED shopping for maternity clothes, especially pants. Why don't they make maternity pants that compliment (instead of emphasize) big thighs?

Matt W. said...

that was grace by the way.
matt never signs out of my computer -- EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

The other day I sent a friend a VERY confusing email because he thought it was Matt writing. I had a good laugh but now I'm just tired of posing as Matt.