Tuesday, May 27, 2008

account balance

things I have done today:
* worked out
* talked on the phone
* googled stuff
* bought nursing bras
* bought a book and some wrist rattles (to qualify for free shipping)
* ate brie
* payed bills
* made a to-do list
* watched "The Office" online (via netflix)
* researched how to fold diapers online

things I have not done today:
* showered
* laundry (though really, I need to get on that pronto, because I'm planning on leaving the house tomorrow)
* cleaned anything
* cooked

Glorious. I could get used to this maternity leave thing!

1 comment:

gracie said...

First of all, worked out? You are a super-prego-lady.

Second, shower now. You'll miss them later.