Friday, April 04, 2008

You! with RhoGAM

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Every time I walk out of my Kaiser Dr. office, I get a little happier.
A little happier that once again, it's over.
A little happier that I have a midwife I can actually ask all the questions I still have after being rushed out (15 minutes is all I get, barely enough to weigh me, test my urine, take my blood pressure, and measure the height of my uterus).
A little happier that I'm not giving those butchers a chance to deliver my baby. Because Junebug is slated to arrive at home. In a large vat of warm water. With people around that I know and actually want there. Without people who will be poking me with needles and push pain medications. In peace and safety.


pungsnotded said...

ugh, I sure don't miss being shuffled around the doctor's office every month, desperately trying to get my questions answered. Good for you, for having a midwife, and turning a yucky situation into a positive one! For that alone, you will be a wonderful mother!

doow said...

Good for you - and good for Junebug too!

bethany actually said...

*sigh* I'm jealous. Although I had a pretty good experience with Annalie, considering I had a high-risk pregnancy and delivered 4 wks early, I always wanted to do a waterbirth. I don't know if I'll ever get to, though, with my risk factors. I am glad you get to do it though!

Elaine said...

Yep. Totally on the dot, yo.

Noelia said...

When my time comes, I hope I'll give birth at home with a midwife too.