Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rush out

We saw August Rush yesterday.
Pretty much through the entire movie, I was cringing and simultaneously thinking about all the people I could recommend this great movie to (like you, for example).
Then, the end was superbly anti-climactic. Which made the cringing I'd done the previous 90 minutes stand out more than the loving.
So tell me - what did you think? Couldn't he at least have run towards them? Would it have been too much to ask for a family hug?


Just a Girl said...

I wanted him to run too.

I liked the movie far more than I expected after all the poor reviews. It was all about Jonathan Rhys Meyers though....
It had the feel of a made for TV movie actually.

bethany actually said...

I liked it for the music. Otherwise, meh. The ending to Pay It Forward was far worse than the ending of August Rush...though that might be because the first 110 minutes of Pay it Forward was so GOOD, while most of August Rush was just okay.