Monday, April 14, 2008

newest addition

I'm in love. I found a stroller that is lightweight, was on sale (mehehe), can be folded & unfolded with one hand, and happens to perfectly match the charm pack quilt I made a little while back.
Also? Look at this:
stroller, meet car seat
Thaaaaat's right. The Graco infant car seat my friend gave us (though we do have the convertible from birth to practically adulthood Britax Marathon) fits onto this Peg Perego stroller. All the other manufacturers make sure only their own seat and stroller fit together. And just because this stroller makes me feel like I beat the system, I love it a little bit more. Take that, Graco!
take that, Graco!
Now if I could get this baby off my sciatic nerve, life would be perfect.


Just a Girl said...

I'm liking the orange and loving the quilt.

tweetey30 said...

Those are very nice items.. I got my stroller and carseat from a customer when I worked at a grocery store when we had Kora.

Christina LMT said...

Yeah! Beating the system=Total satisfaction.

Noelia said...

bee-you-tee-fool! :-)

tshsmom said...

Congratulations on not sucking into the MEGA-stroller bandwagon!! Light and portable is the ONLY way to go!