Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me Wanna Learn

Today, my kids asked me to give them homework.
No, really.
It's SAT testing week, and for days, I've heard them say how excited they were that there was NO HOMEWORK! during testing week. NO HOMEWORK! means lots of x-box and playstation brain rotting! NO HOMEWORK! makes SAT week so, like, the best week ever!
They lasted two afternoons.
Today, they admitted they were bored. "Can we do our spelling assignments for next week at home this week?" they inquired politely.
And then I passed out, but when I came to, it WAS STILL TRUE.


Just a Girl said...

There's hope for the kiddies yet. :)

tweetey30 said...

They sounds a great bunch of kids to be teaching. glad you got the job when you did. Keep it up and when they get older they will come back and visit.

Elaine said...

Wow. Is it freaky Friday or something?