Friday, April 11, 2008


Today, I learned that if a store sells mostly crap, it really doesn't matter how big it is. It'll just have more crap, not better stuff instead.
It only took 45 minutes in traffic in above-90-degree nutty CA weather WITH A BROKEN A/C, driving part of the way behind a rather smelly truck transporting cattle and an hour at the store trying on swimsuit after ridiculous swimsuit (bra, blouse, pants...) to figure that out.
To boot: Fedex delivered. Of course, none of the stuff I ordered actually fits. Which is allllllright, because my focus has now shifted: priority one is no longer acquiring undergarments, it's now sewing together layers and layers of flannel to protect above mentioned undergarments from the, umm, practice fluids.

In other words: Chocolate. Send chocolate!


Elaine said...

Send me your address and I will. For shizzle.

tshsmom said...

LOL! When I was pregnant with SME, my Dad had a whole drawer-full of cloth hankies that people had given him over the years. They worked great as nursing pads!