Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so long, and thanks for all the fish

We went to Sea World today, and may I just say... if you have one day to spend in San Diego, take the extra 30 minutes or so to drive to Escondido and visit the Wild Animal Park.
The best part was the polar bear... and the best part of the polar bear story is that I have pictures to go with it!
First, I got pretty excited because the polar bear was moving around. As a matter of fact, he was yawning, see:
1: waking up and yawning
Then, he started walking around, which was pretty cool considering that a lot of animals seem pretty happy just sort of... laying around. Walking polar bear, see:
2: walking across the "ice"
Then, something peculiar started to happen: Polar bear started to back towards the water's edge slowly. I got excited, because I thought that perhaps he'd seen the Shamu show and would do, like, some sort of a fancy backflip into the water. Sadly, this was not the case. Instead, polar bear started to poop. Into the water. He pooped for quite a long time:
3: taking a massive dump into the water
Now, I know you can't actually see the poop in this picture, but don't despair! You'll be able to see it in the water in the next picture (lucky you!). After he had attended to his business, polar bear walked forward a few steps, laid down, and went back to sleep. Busy day!
4: back to sleep


Elaine said...

How much do I want to hurt you for coming within 15 miles of my house and NOT coming by to say hello?

Good thing your preggers or I'd have to kick your ass.

Elaine said...

that should be "you're preggers"

And for those of you who don't know, I really wouldn't kick Sonja's ass. She could probably take me down...

bethany actually said...

So...do I take the first paragraph to mean that Sea World was so-so but the Wild Animal Park would be worth it?

You don't have to answer that. I used to live in San Diego, and when we had people visit us from out of town, we used to make sure we did a Harbor Cruise and the Wild Animal Park. Everything else was optional.

Just a Girl said...

Bear pooping is hilarious. One in a million chance you lucky thing. ;)

tweetey30 said...

Milwaukee WI has a polar bear in there Zoo. He is so sweet looking. I have posted his photo I got a while back one of the last times we went. He wasnt out in January when we went. Or sometime in that time frame.