Friday, March 07, 2008


Hey, weren't you secretly hoping for more rh factor discussions? After doing quite a bit of online research, and after speaking about rh stuff with two nurse practitioners and three midwifes, I FINALLY found out why the shot at 28 weeks is necessary. And why, after all this hubbub, I will (however grumpily) offer my (more dimpled than ever) cheek for the needle. Apparently, it sometimes happens that the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus just a tiny bit, allowing for mama blood and baby blood to touch. This usually goes unnoticed and doesn't cause any further problems (aside from the rh thing). After even the one person out of the above mentioned line-up I actually trusted recommended that if we wanted more than one child, we should go for the shot, I gave in. So RhoGam, here I come! *sigh* I figure it's better than an intra-uterine baby blood transfusion with the next baby...

In other baby news:
After my ultrasound, my due date was adjusted. Not that anyone told me about this, but I got a copy of the report. Basically, it was alphabet soup for all these important-sounding abbreviations, but I did find that at 19 weeks, the wee one actually measure at 18 weeks, so the new due date is now officially June 23rd.

We play a song for Junebug every night before we go to sleep. Lately, he's started moving towards the music and usually moves around quite a bit while the song plays. It's really just very cute!

Last night, I layed on my back and we watched my belly move. Then, The Husband got fresh and pushed down on the belly with two fingers, and the little kickboxer dealt his fingers a big blow. And The Husband? Totally freaked out. He actually almost fell off the bed... Poor kid probably thought there was an earthquake because I was laughing so hard. My boys are rather entertaining!

If you look closely at the picture of my sister and me, you'll see that dimples were not distributed fairly at all. The balance is shifting, however!
Unfortunately, my dimples are on my thighs. Facial dimples are much cuter, trust me.


Christina LMT said...

Dimples...bah, who needs 'em?

Anytime I'd swoon over some dude (hah, I almost typed "dood") with a cleft/dimpled chin, my Oma would say, "Gruebchen im Kinn, uebler Sinn!"

Is that still a common saying in Germany, or is that just an "Oma saying"?

Christina LMT said...

Typical. I read your entire post but latched on to the very last part. Sorry!

Re: RhoGam, don't know enough about it to say yay or nay (I'm 0+), but it's good you did thorough research. I was so young and clueless when I had my kids, I pretty much believed everything I was told and went along with everything, too. Good thing it all turned out okay!

Strong kicker, that's good! I can just see Hubby's face...LOL!

Silver woke up her dad with a good kick to the kidneys one night, and he never lets her forget it, either.

ZebraBelly: said...

Alex used to get mad at me when I poked at our fetuses. I told him, "But they started it!" *snicker*