Tuesday, February 05, 2008

show of hands, please

Anyone ever heard of a person who prematurely ruptured her membranes (broke her water) by coughing? Because the nurse mentioned it and so now every time I cough (which is currently happening with unfortunate frequency), I freak out a little more.


ZebraBelly: said...

At 21 weeks? I highly doubt it. Your cervix is all closed up, protecting it. At 40 weeks with a severe cough? My uneducated guess would be *maybe*. But I certainly wouldnot worry just yet. ;)

gracie said...

Um... weird!

Never heard of it.

Did I tell you my water broke before I went into labor? Apparently that only happens to 10% of new moms.

Lucky me.

tshsmom said...

I had a cough like that when I was pregnant with SME. I asked the doctor the same question. He said it's possible, but extremely rare.

I've never known anyone who lost a baby from coughing. You'll be fine. ;)