Sunday, February 24, 2008

I eat, I sleep, I kea

the nursery
After clearing out the mess and all of the furniture, we visited my "happy place":
waiting to be loaded into the car
Then, we spent each evening for a week with those hexagonal tool thingies:
Junebug's got a room!
Yesterday, The Husband worked in the yard all morning, and I crawled around on the floor building the dresser. Then, I hemmed the curtains and vacuumed all the wood shavings off the floor before we headed to IKEA yet again to exchange the wrong part that had come with the bed and get the extra screw that had been missing from the dresser package and to exchange the lampshade that was (in my opinion) a slightly wrong color. And now, it looks like this:
why my back hurts
We still need to procure two twin mattresses - IKEA was sold out of all except their really expensive options (big mattress sale). And of course, they won't have them back in stock until APRIL. And I want my sister to sleep on that bed in MARCH. So here's the other side of the room, with the naked bed:
Currently on the bed: My collection of fabrics that match the curtains for pillows, a quilt for the guest bed, and perhaps a wall hanging. I have my work cut out for me!
Now, you probably say that babies are supposed to sleep in cribs. And that we have no changing table. And to that, I would reply that we're getting a used bassinet from a friend as well as a co-sleeper, and Junebug will be sleeping in our room. Meanwhile, Junebug's room will be the guestroom for all the visitors scheduled to come this year (yay!). And the changing table? We'll have to see. My tendency right now is to change baby's diaper on the bed or floor.
But there you have it. A baby room!


Colleen said...

The room looks great! IMHO, save your money, you don't need a changing table!

katze said...

Cute!! And I second the no changing table thing. Not that I know from experience, but several of my friends have mentioned that they hardly ever used theirs.

pungsnotded said...

Changing tables are just for storing piles of useless stuff on! And I always wondered about why people spend all the money and time picking out a crib and sheets etc, when for the first months, the baby is either in or beside your bed, anyway. Those curtains are great, by the way!

Lucy Jane said...

Hey... I think it looks great. I love all things IKEA. I need to post pictures of my daughters room once we are finished... remember seeing the pink bed with chunky red feet (it comes in blue too)? Well she got the nightstand and the chest of drawers. So much fun.I saw the curtains and I love what you have put around them.
I am on my second child and I remember being where you are with your first... enjoy every minute of it... take care

tweetey30 said...

We never used a changing table with either of the girls and they both slept in a crib in our room for the first year of life. But the room looks great.

Red Fish Circle said...

This looks great! Froggy fits right in and looks happy in his new home:)