Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the diseasedness, she continues

old skool, originally uploaded by girlwithgreencard and fabric!.

fever: gone
energy: zero
appetite: returning, but picky
cough: beyond dry and painful (albeit only painful in my throat)
congestion: breathing through mouth at all times
OTC medication: useless & no longer being used
watching: Fox News and Curious George
playing: OLD SKOOL Solitaire. Which means that I can cheat if need be.
Also drinking more fluids than humanly possible and, to quote Juno, "pissing like Seabiscuit."


bethany actually said...

Ah, Solitaire. I hope you keep getting better!

tweetey30 said...

Get better soon. And just wait till your eight months along and get sick.. I dont want you to but its horrible. I ended up with a cold when I went into labor with our oldest. Horrible really.

Christina LMT said...

I hope you're feeling even better now!

And if you're bored playing solitaire (and cheating! tsk, tsk!), you've been tagged! :)