Saturday, January 19, 2008

miracles, they do happen

Miracle #1:
I made it through the day yesterday. Sure, I skipped the English lesson and had my kids read silently once I had made a reading grade for the last two of them, and I was at school until almost 6 pm (grading papers), but I'm calling it a success. And there's nothing wrong with falling asleep on the couch at 9pm.

Miracle #2:
One of my girls FINALLY returned her book from the Christmas Program. After only 4 million reminders.

Miracle #3:
The doctor called me back!
No, really! The actual doctor, NOT the appointment center. She was righteously shocked when she asked me when my last menstrual period was and I answered "SEPTEMBER." And let me just tell you, her shock was balsam for my soul. All those not listening, not smart people I had talked to and talked to on the phone who wouldn't believe me that I did not need an "initial prenatal appointment"... gah! Anyways, I got so excited about her outrage, I could barely talk.
But... I have a doctor's appointment for next WEDNESDAY. As in, less than a week from now.

Miracle #4:
Internet advice. She is so good. (See below)
Ya know, I'll admit that I'd never thought about the toddlerbedconversioncrib issues you would run into if you had a toddler sleeping in the toddler bed and a baby politely waiting in line for its turn to use said toddler bed as a crib.
It does take a village, doesn't it?!

My new hobby is reading reviews of baby items. It's endlessly entertaining.
For instance this review of a bassinet by "This space intentionally left blank," which asks the store to take this crap off their shelves, basically. "This product defines the words "cheap junk"."
The kicker is the review right after that one: 5 stars, completely in love with the thing "+ is worth the money because its a toy box after the newborn grows out of it.everybody needs a toy box." Clearly.
Reviews are abundant with horrific spelling. I suppose it's the same fascination that makes some people watch scary movies that makes me read those reviews. I recoil in horror, I shield my eyes, I shake my head, I occasionally let out a big puff of air... and then I read the next one. I'm pretty sure this is not good for my blood pressure.


tweetey30 said...

I remember reading all the reviews. Then we never had a bassinet for Kora or Bri. And they had walkers, a swing but were held more than some kids I know and still are to be honest with you. The only time they were ever in there swings was when I was eating and on the phone because its hard to juggle a child and phone conversation at the same time.

Christina LMT said...
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Christina LMT said...

Yay! Sanity makes a comeback! I can't believe you actually got to speak with a doctor. It really is a miracle.

When Silver was two, before the twins were born, we had a toddler bed for her that she NEVER SLEPT IN. We lived in military housing on Hickam AFB in Hawaii. No air conditioning, no carpets. We'd tuck her into bed, and she'd proceed to pull her pillow off and lie down on the BARE floor with her head pressed against the door.
Only wearing a diaper. (It was hot.) That's how she'd sleep, apparently perfectly comfortably, all night. Kids are weird.

My twins are over 14 now, and back in the stone ages they didn't have all the "fancy" stuff that's available now for new parents. We wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway back then! :)

I say listen to advice, but do what YOU feel is right. Whatever works for you is the best thing, period. And have FUN!