Thursday, January 17, 2008

asking for it

Okay. Advice-giving time. For once, in the other, slightly less well-known direction: you to me.
Two burning-ish questions:

1. cribs
- Is the convertible-to-toddler-bed thing worth it?
- Do I want a drop-down side (vs. 5 million different possible matress heights), or will that be mostly impractical anyways (what with carrying a (potentially sleeping) baby while you drop it down)?
- PS: I know the baby will be sleeping with us (co-sleeper or actual co-sleeping) for some time, but I need a crib. Pretty much right now. Because holy smokes, it's January. June is like... right around the corner.

2. car seat
- I hate how cumbersome the (seemingly standard) portable infant carseat thing is (do we all know what I'm talking about?) Those things are heavy and unbelievably stupid to carry. If I DON'T get one, how often will I miss it? Will I end up waking up a sleeping child every time I leave my car?
I'm planning on wearing the baby in a sling whenever possible, plus - at the grocery store I'd literally be unable to see where I'm going if I put the carseat in the cart.
Also, I'm sort of loving the infant-to-practically-adult-sized-child Britax.

3. sanity
How long until it returns?
Oh never mind. I'm actually enjoying The Crazy of it all.


tweetey30 said...

I rather enjoyed the drop down sides on the crib for the reason that when I could just drop the side down and lay the girls down while holding on to them with one hand and hold on to the rail of the crib with the other and hit the thing on the bottom and it would slide down silently. Carseats. I would buy one. Wear the sling in the store and what not. I never used one but go for it. I had a carseat and kept it to use for both girls. It matched the stroller I got as a gift. And your sanity comes back after you have decided on all things.

bethany actually said...

1. If the price is the same, then sure, the convertible crib-to-toddler-bed thing is worth it. We didn't get one, and we ended up spending another $50 on a cheap toddler bed.
YES, you want a drop-down, it will save your back as your kid gets bigger. Get the kind where you can push in on the bottom of the rail with your foot or knee, so you only need one hand to lower it.
If your child is going to be co-sleeping, a crib really isn't that urgent. We didn't get a crib for Annalie till she was 16 months old!

2. Yes, infant car seats are quite cumbersome and heavy and did I mention that they are heavy? We had one, but we ended up leaving it in the base almost all the time after Annalie was two or three months old...but that was mainly because she never stayed asleep in it. If you have a baby who will stay asleep in the carseat, you might want an infant car seat. But you can always buy one after the baby is born if you go with the Britax (which really is fabulous, by the way--my friend has them and I am envious).

3. I'm gonna disagree with tweetey30 on the sanity...just bid it adieu. It's gone. ;-) But the good news is, the crazy IS rather fun once you get used to it.

Sitting said...

1. convertible-to-toddler bed is worth it if you plan to a) have more than one kid and b) space them so that the older one is out of the bed when you need a crib again. If you're planning to have closely spaced kids, it's a waste. Ditto Bethany on the drop-side. Ours you push with a knee and guide down with one hand.

2. I'm a fan of the infant car seat, but you're right in that it only lasts about 6-8 months, depending on the heft of your kid. I use my sling a lot too, but will confess openly to being a bad mommy who sometimes DOESN'T WANT A PERSON ON HER BODY.

3. Sanity? What's that? I know not of which you speak.

tshsmom said...

Go with the infant-child carseat.
I agree that the portable ones are incredibly stupid!
First of all, I'm appalled at the number of people who rarely HOLD their babies! The poor kids go from carseat to infant seat to walker/electronic-noisemaker-seat to automatic baby swing to crib. I'm a firm believer in holding your baby and letting baby explore their world from a blanket on the floor!
Second, medical advisories have been written on carrying those cumbersome portable carseats....they throw your back out of whack. I have cured several new parents' back problems by telling them to leave the seat in the car.

Good luck with the baby sling. Z HATED it! I've seen a lot of babies that love them, so good luck. ;)

Sanity? HAH, kiss it good-bye! Haven't you been reading my blog? I haven't been sane for over 30 yrs now, but I've loved my insanity.
Your kids will ALWAYS be your babies, as will your grandchildren. You've got a life sentence kiddo...ENJOY IT!

Lady Iphigenia said...

I can't give you much advise, but I'm sure you'll have lots of it anyway! :-)