Saturday, December 01, 2007

Second Annual Photo Advent Calendar, Day 1

Crab, originally uploaded by girlwithgreencard and fabric!.

NaBloPoMo pretty much wiped me out. Also, I'm totally in the swing of daily posting (with admittedly diminished quality). I wasn't sure I'd be able to stomach posting a picture every day (I'm still not), but then I bought this superb little beaded crab and figured it would make a splendid first day picture. And so here we go...

We bought this crab at a kids' art studio in town. We were lured in by the displays of kid-created art in the store's "studio" part, then I saw shiny stuff in the "store" part, and when I saw this crab, I pretty much had to have it.
It really reminds me of a special friend back in Germany, and I actually bought it to give it to her. Call it my "surface motive."
The truth is, I want this crab for myself. And who wouldn't?!
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Christina said...

You just caused me to have a dream flashback!

Cute yet creepy crab.