Sunday, December 09, 2007

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 9: all lit up

Last night, we took a little drive/walk around the neighborhoods, parking our car somewhere and then walking down whichever street seemed to have the most lights. As usual, we saw some truly, shockingly horrible displays of bad taste, but there was also the good. The above house was my favorite (though the photo doesn't really do it justice). Their lights seemed to match their house well, and they had no blow-up santas or other monstrosities in their front yard.


Just a Girl said...

Very pretty.

Inka said...

The picture looks like a little castle!
Don't worry, you would feel like at home at Chrismas - in Germany they have those blow-up santas and rudolphs, too!

tweetey30 said...

When we get to see this house that they do up every year I will make sure I have my camera with me this year. I mean its all decked out. I just hope I can get the idea out when taking it.