Friday, December 07, 2007

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 7: day off

I'm way too pregnant today to think of what to take a picture of (and then do it and post it). And by "pregnant" I mean tired.
Also, I don't learn. I have AGAIN watched Grey's Anatomy while finishing my dinner, and boy, was there ever a lot of blood. In Grey's Anatomy, not in my dinner. I had salad.
Anyways, can I just raise the issue of Rebekkah still making out with the Alex-hole after what he said to her? I'm a little appalled. Okay, a lot appalled. (Is that how you spell appalled?)
I really need to get some sleep.


Just a Girl said...

Alex totally read her mail though. She isn't innocent either but I'm more than certain I'd have been out the door!

tweetey30 said...

I dont watch that one but have seen bits here and bits there so yes lots of blood. Hope you are well. Or as well as can be at the moment.