Thursday, December 06, 2007

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 6: Holiday Dress Shopping

I'm completely exhausted. Physically, emotionally, hormonally... (Last night, when I superfluously woke up just after midnight, instead of nuding him to make him stop snoring, I yelled at The Husband "Why do you have to make noises when you sleep?!" Then, I asked him to get me a glass of water, which he did. I felt so horrible about this that I actually felt like crying ALL DAY LONG.)
On Tuesday, I went to Target to buy a cute, festive, holiday dress. In the dressing room, wearing a non-fabulous maternity dress, I discovered I suddenly have this bump. Which I assure you, is mostly gas. The rest of it is pasta.
(Does this even make sense? I need to go to sleep. 2 hours ago.)


Christina said...

Love the "Zoolander" pout!

The dress? Not so much...

Cut yourself some slack re: hormonal/mental breakdowns!
It's totally normal, okay?

Inka said...

Hm, perhaps you should look at in the "mom"-section ... looks much better and makes you look happy happy happy :o)

tweetey30 said...

Sonja its normal to brek down during pregnancy. Trust me.. Its easy to yell things and not mean them too. And yes you do have a small bump and you are four months so you should be showing a little.. Take care.

tshsmom said...

Yup, makes perfect sense. You're hormonal, and its perfectly normal.
Give hubby a kiss, apologize, then tell him that it's HIS kid that made you act that way.
We hormonal bitches LOVE to lay a little guilt trip every once in awhile. ;)

Lady Iphigenia said...

I like the dress.