Monday, December 17, 2007

On the first day of cranky, my true love gave to me...

Want to know what I've been up to? Let me tell you it.
1. I got knocked up, which is great and all, but makes you disproportionately tired. And also perhaps a wee little impatient, grumpy, growly, and cranky.
I do feel as though this second trimester thing is working out for me and I'm getting less tired and cranky by the minute, but before I could glory in that (and the fact that I am no longer nauseated, praise the Lord,)...
2. Evil children inflicted their germs on me and finally wore my pregnancy-induced super-powered immune system down. I have this pressure on my sinuses... aaaaand we're back to tired and cranky.
3. I finally found my Holiday Dress. It's black, and it's velvet, and it's fabulous. Sadly, when I was shopping late one evening, That Gap only had my size (which is suddenly 8 where it used to be 4 - cue the cranky) in the wrong color. NOT A PROBLEM, though, because, like, we can totally call Another Gap and they'll hold it for 24 hours. Which meant that I had to drive an extra 20 minutes to another mall. Last Saturday. And basically beat people with a stick to even make it up the sidewalks. Are we still surprised I'm cranky?


tweetey30 said...

The glories of being pregnant.LOL.. Have fun and enjoy it though. Wait till you feel that first little kick and you will totally forget about all the crankiness there is to think about.

gracie said...

I'll be honest, I hated being pregnant. Women have amnesia about pregnancy when they tell you, "I miss being pregnant." (smack them for me)

I will also tell you that the end result - the cute little baby - is worth EVERY minute of pregnancy, labor, post-labor pains and sleepless nights.

Every minute!

tshsmom said...

Get off the cranky and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS for me, OK?!

30 years ago, I was 10 days overdue with our daughter at Christmas. Now THAT'S cranky!

Claire said...

Oooh...sorry for the cranky!
But! Oh! Congratulations on the behbeh! That is so wonderful! Can't stop using the exclamation marks!