Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry merry

freezy tree, originally uploaded by girlwithgreencard and fabric!.

Hope you're warmer than I am currently!


tshsmom said...

What a beautiful picture!

If it's any consolation, our weather warmed up a bit for -20F to +20F. It's a heat wave! ;)

tweetey30 said...

its 34 degree's here today already.. Hope you are enjoying your holiday break.

Elaine said...


It's cool in SoCal, but nothing like that. We're likely heading up to the mountain tomorrow to sniff out a wee bit of snow!

Christina LMT said...

I love the picture!

TOO warm, actually. The puppies sleep with me and they can't stand the cold, so I have to crank the heat and suffer. :(