Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Costco has these REALLY GREAT Christmas decorations. Three white fir trees with softly lit (not) glass spheres. The spheres tastefully change colors and, as an added bonus to spread holiday cheer, the trees play a simple, synthesized glockenspiel version of the chorus of Jingle Bells (also known as the most repetetive Christmas song since Carol of the Drum).

Sadly, an inexplicably upset customer took it upon herself to crawl halfway into the shelf to turn off the power strip the trees were hooked up to. And would you believe it, she didn't even manage completely to stifle a manical laugh when a little girl hit the TRY ME button and nothing happened?!
The nerve!


bethany actually said...

Any store that has Christmas displays up before Halloween deserves to have them turned off by irritated customers!

Christina said...

Who was that masked (wo)man?!

tshsmom said...

I HATE noisy holiday decorations!!
Can you imagine having a bunch of that motion activated noise in your home?

Caveman said...

Hey, Christmas decorations in October is better than Halloween candy in August