Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sometimes, you will go and teach school for three days and then panic because your throat is scratchy and your head feels fuzzy and little red flags are waving frantically all over the place, morse coding SINUS INFECTION, SINUS INFECTION.
Sometimes, your husband will tell you that you just need to, like, schedule some time for sleep and you'll feel better, and he will be right.

Sometimes, you will remember the attendance procedure (folder outside the door by 8:20) on the first day of school and then promptly forget the next two days.
Sometimes, to make matters worse, the sixth-grader who is coming by to pick up the folder will politely knock on your door and nicely ask for your folder, at which time you will start to frantically lift up stacks of papers and folders and rifle through your "in" and "out" (IF ONLY!) baskets to find the dang folder.
Sometimes, one of your students will watch you and then mercifully declare that it's "right there."

Sometimes, you will arrive at school at 7:15 am and walk out a full 12 hours later, only to sit down at home to do more work.
Sometimes, you will notice that you are the only teacher who knows the janitors (they start cleaning around 7:00pm during the week and come in on Saturdays around noon, just fyi).
Sometimes, you will watch people walk by your window on their way home and decide that you will learn to focus and prioritize, you certainly will, right after you fix the way that paper on the wall is not 100% straight.

Sometimes, you will work through a big crisis in the afternoon (BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT PREPARATION, worse than lesson planning, and also overdue), and as you walk out your door by 7:10 (waving hola to the janitors), hungry, and late for the first kickboxing class, you will realize that even though you spent 12 hours at work, you have accomplished the following:
-room ready for tomorrow
-Back to School Night information written up & ready to be turned in to mentor for review
-lessons planned, and more thoroughly than ever before (which is, like, 5 days)
and you will roll down your windows and sing along to Tom Petty as loudly as you can on your way home.

And then you will fall into bed, because tomorrow? You are getting up at 5:30. To do that crazy wonderful stuff all over again.


Just a Girl said...

Oh the joys.
Good thing you get your summers off :)

tweetey30 said...

You know I wanted to be a teacher when I was kid but after reading this maybe I am glad I didnt become one. LOl..Take care.

tshsmom said...

As long as you're still calling it that "crazy wonderful stuff", you're doing fine! ;)

Sitting said...

I have a handful of friend who are teachers and all of them agree about one thing: that first year is KILLER! Keep plugging through -- you are awesome!

Christina said...

I wish I had had a teacher like you.

tshsmom said...

I've given you an award at my blog. ;)