Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How to know when you are losing your mind

1. You run a stop sign. Right after you run it, you realize that you've just (for the first time in your life) run a stop sign, and you find yourself being fascinated, marvelling at your job's ability to scatter your brain.

2. Two days after you run aforementioned stop sign, you pass through an intersection on your way home, and realize that the cars traveling in your direction in the other lanes have stopped. You can only assume that you have now run a light that had just turned red. You begin feeling a little concerned for your saftey (and for the safety of those around you).

3. Instead of turning the flame on the stove off, you turn it down to the lowest setting. Your husband notices this just before you go to bed and before the kitchen catches on fire. You realize that you would care about this if you weren't so incredibly tired.

4. You are surprised that you have not yet locked your keys in the classroom, house, or car. It amazes you that you have not rear-ended another car or gotten into an accident in another way. (Then again, you have done that before, while all the other points on this list are firsts.)

I start school tomorrow.
My to-do list fills a whole sheet of paper, and I have 12 hours to accomplish everything and sleep. Not at all impossible, so long as I don't attempt driving anywhere.


Christina said...

Focus! ;)
You know you can do it...you were BORN to teach.

Just a Girl said...

Ooh boy!
Be in the moment, live in the moment...

Have fun :)

tweetey30 said...

You be careuful out there driving today and we want an update on how your first week of school went. I will post weekly about Kora and homeschooling if I remember too. LOL.. Talk soon.

Sitting said...

Sleep is overrated anyway. Good luck! Make sure someone takes your picture on the first day of school!

gracie said...

I hope your first day went well!!

tshsmom said...

You'll be fine once you get into the routine! It's scary starting a new job.

I've also run a red light while preoccupied, but in a different way. I treated the light like a stop sign...I stopped, looked both ways, and drove through. After driving a block, I suddenly realized what I'd done. Good thing there weren't any cops around!

Elaine said...

Wow. You just described life after your first baby is born. Or, right after your second baby is born. Now you'll be prepared!